Server Load – how is it measured?

2020-06-29 11:19:58 UTC

Server Load – how is it measured?

The Visiolink server will continuously count the number of pages that has been downloaded and divide this by the average publication length during the last three months. This number is defined as the server load which is reflected in your operation cost model with Visiolink.

The process is the same for pages downloaded on both desktop and apps. The only difference is that on desktop it is possible to only create, e.g. 0.5 download from the server if the user only reads half of the pages in the publication. Or 1.5 downloads if the users’ browsers happen to download half the pages more than once.

Apps, on the other hand, will automatically download all pages in a publication, unless this is hindered in some way, and will therefore create roughly a download each time.

You can always monitor your server load through the Visiolink Hub under the respective title using the ‘Traffic’-button.


If a total of 5,000,000 pages is downloaded in October, and the average publication length in the last three months is 50 pages, then the server load will be 100,000. This number will determine the client’s operation cost for October, and a new calculation will start in November.

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