2021-01-27 12:50:16 UTC

Apple is front-runner in incorporating software solutions for the blind and visually impaired. Their solution on iOS is called VoiceOver.

By using VoiceOver assistant in our apps on iOS you are able to navigate with the use of audible inputs without seeing the screen. Basic functionalities are implemented by the developers using Apple Voice Over guidelines and are most often used by visually impaired or physical difficulties with navigating through the app.


You can turn VoiceOver on in settings -> accessibility -> VoiceOver

If shortcuts are enabled you can activate VoiceOver by triple clicking the home button.

Usage in Visiolink apps

The expected navigation is to open app -> open spreadview -> open article -> read article.
General behavior when using Voice Over is to mark an object by swiping left/right, then double tap to activate it.

Note: You can swipe to other object and open them this way, but supported functionality is only to read todays paper. While you might be able to access it some way, we don’t support other features like video, podcast and archive.

Below are a list of navigation gestures. Left is the gesture and right is the action.




Doubleclick with 2 fingers (magic tap)

Open the Article List (a shortcut to use only from the frontpage)

Swipe left/right

Change mark to previous/next object.

Click on an object

Mark that object.

Double click

Activate marked object.

Click once with 4 fingers in top of the page

Mark the first object on the page. 

Click once with 4 fingers in the bottom of the page

Mark the last object on the page.

Swipe up with 2 fingers

Will read through all objects on the page starting with the first object.

Swipe down with 2 fingers

Will read through the rest of the objects on the page, restarting the currently marked object.

Double click with 4 fingers

Activate/deactivate help menu that will read out loud what the different gestures do.


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