Upgrade of GDPR consent box on your ePaper on web will go live on November 25, 2020

2022-07-04 13:00:21 UTC

As a part of the ongoing process of offering a solution that handles user consent in a manner that complies with the European legislation in force, we will upgrade your web solution on November 25. We do this to keep a consistent and high level of compliance across all titles on the ePaper web platform.

Be aware that you as data controller are ultimately responsible of complying with cookie laws and GDPR. If you have doubts or questions regarding the web solution, you are welcome to contact us.   

The following Q&A will walk through the solution and its functionality.

Q: Which solutions will be affected?

A: All users, who visit your content through the Desktop Web App, the Desktop Web Reader or the Device Fallback Reader, will be asked for their consent after the upgrade.

Q: What happens with our existing consent solution?

A: Following scenarios will take place in the roll out of the upgraded consent box:

  • If you do not have a consent solution today, this will not affect your ePaper
  • If you have the first-generation consent solution (with prechecked consent), your solution will be upgraded
  • If you have the second-generation consent solution (the GDPR 1.0 feature), your solution will be upgraded
  • If you have the second-generation consent solution (the GDPR 2.0 feature) and you have customized the texts in the consent box, we will contact you before upgrading your solution

Q: How does the upgraded consent solution look and work?

A: The upgraded consent solution consists of following five elements:

1. A text box containing the default message below. The text will be translated to suit the content of your ePaper and can be altered by you (also after November 25):

  • Headline: Privacy Settings
  • Main text: We and our partners (e.g. Google) use tracking tools to measure how and how much the ePaper is used. We do this to analyze reach of our journalistic content and to improve the user experience of the solution. Your data might be used to analyze usage patterns and to serve targeted ads relevant to you. Data collected include IP addresses or device ID. 
    Consent is voluntary, and you can set your preferences below. You can at any time withdraw your consent from the Privacy Settings menu.

2. The possibility to provide consent in three categories:

  • Necessary: These cannot be turned off and consist of functionality that makes the ePaper solution work, e.g. login, swiping, zooming
  • Performance/Statistics: This is Google Analytics and the collection of anonymized usage data. This is per default turned off.
  • Targeting: This is Google Ads and is only shown if the solution uses interstitials from Google Ads. Turning it off will prevent that the user will experiences targeted ads. Non-targeted ads are still served. This is per default turned off.

3. A question mark button that will explain the purpose of data collection in the three categories if clicked

4. Three buttons to provide consent:

  • Allow all (colored with key color of the solution to draw attention – is green in the screenshot below)
  • Allow selected
  • Allow Necessary

5. Possibility to insert up to three links to your Privacy Policy and alike, where you describe your general data policies

Illustration: The web consent box with it's five elements


Q: Which cookies are set in the ePaper solution?

A: The ePaper solution uses a very low number of cookies. The lists of cookies including category, purpose and duration can be found below and they should be listed in your privacy policy if not already.

Q: How can the user withdraw consent?

A: The user has access to the consent box from the top bar of the Desktop Web App and from the menu in the Desktop Web Reader and the Device Fallback Reader. The consent box is never more than one click away.

Q: Is consent linked to the user or the device (e.g. PC, mac, phone, tablet)

A: Consent is given per device (and not per user), so users opening the ePaper on two different devices, will be asked for consent twice.  

Q: We use a third-party provider as our general consent management system. Can we integrate that system into the ePaper?

A: Yes. We are preparing the web solution to be able to integrate third-party consent scripts. There are, however, big differences in the different poviders' solutions, so complexity of an integration will vary. Please contact us, if you would like to explore this solution.


Q: What are the costs of the upgrade?

A: The upgrade for web is free of charge. 
Note: The upgrade of apps (iOS and Android) is connected with manual handling of each individual app and will have an upgrade fee, should you consider upgrading your apps.     


Q: What is the text translation in my language and can we change it?

A: The translations are in the link below. If you want to change it, you can contact Visiolink support with the text you prefer for your organization.






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