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2020-12-04 10:43:05 UTC

Standard tracking 
Here at Visiolink we have created our own custom events in Firebase Google Analytics that run on the same Google Tag Manager container. These events make up our standard tracking, that is provided for all customers. We maintain and update all tracking related to this and it is our responsibility to ensure this work sufficiently. We also update this tracking setup when new features (such as Audio) are introduced and rolled out as part of the standard tracking. We also make sure, that the tracking works with new operating system releases. You can read more about our standard tracking and main event via this link:

Custom tracking through third party SDK
If you do not wish to work with Firebase/Google Analytics data, we can also implement a custom tracking SDK of your choosing. This allows you to choose the system and the relevant events to be tracked. It is not part of the Visiolink standard solution, and it will not be updated automatically when new features are implemented. It will also not be covered by forward compatibility, entailing that errors occurring because of changes in the operating system of Apple or Google, will not automatically be fixed. Should changes happen to the SDK implemented, that requires an update or other work, it is also not covered through the Visiolink standard contract.  

Custom Firebase tracking 
Another possibility of custom tracking is using the existing Firebase Analytics but creating your own Google Tag Manager container where we can customize the tracking to suit your specific needs. Introducing your own container, would also entail that it is not automatically updated when new features are introduced or when basic maintenance occur to the Visiolink standard Google Tag Manager container.  


Our standard tracking is always evolving, and new changes are being added to our standard Google Tag Manager container. If you have custom tracking, you will not get access to these new tracking features. Thereby there is some disadvantages of adding custom tracking into the Visiolink environment. If you have questions do not hesitate to contact our business intelligence team on:    

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