How-to: Setup Google Cloud account to enable Text-to-Speech

2024-03-06 10:06:57 UTC

This is a guide on how to set up your Google Cloud account, connect it to the Cloud Text-to-Speech API and how to export a file with the relevant information for Visiolink to access that API. 


1. go to this link:

2. Create a new project by selecting the dropdown menu in top, then select "NEW PROJECT".



3. Write a project name. This can be anything, but keep it easy identifiable, ie. "Visiolink TTS". Then select "CREATE".



4. Go to billing and link a credit card or similar to the project. Follow the steps.



5. Next we need to enable the API. Go to this link: 

6. Make sure the correct project is selected and click "ENABLE".



7. Now go back, by clicking the "Google Cloud Platform" in the the top. 

8. Next we need to create a service account. Go to IAM & Admin -> Service Accounts.



9. Select "+ CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT" at the top.



10. Give service account a name and description for easy recognition, then select "CREATE".



11. Select a role: Editor (Basic -> editor), then click "DONE".



12. You can now see your Service Account. Under Actions click the 3 dots and select "Manage Keys". Here click "ADD KEY" -> "Create new key".


13. Choose JSON and CREATE. You will download a file. Send that file to your project manager.



14. Now you're all set. Visiolink will handle the rest.



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