Archive Solution

2023-02-13 13:09:06 UTC

This document describes the terms of archive implementation and the process.

Note: Visiolink can't and won't agree to archive implementation before we've seen a sample of the files.

Archive solution description

The archive solution include:

  • Inspection by Visiolink of the material delivered by the customer for correct naming and format, missing pages and general quality assurance
  • Visiolink will send the result of the inspection to the customer. In case issues were found during the inspection, they will be listed and the recommended solution described. Depending on the result of the inspection, the customer must correct the issues.
  • Preparation for and import of scanned archive material, PDFs and OCR files to the Visiolinks servers
  • Text extraction and indexing of PDFs
  • Conversion of scanned material to searchable PDFs
  • Import of max previously agreed upon number of pages


Requirements for naming, format, etc. of the archive material

  1. Files should be delivered on physical hard disk(s) sent to Visiolink.
  2. Pages must be delivered as separate files (one page per file).
  3. Accepted file formats of pages: .png, .jpg, .pdf.
  4. The naming of the files must be consistent and must include at least:
    1. Date (day, month, year)
    2. Page Number
    3. If relevant title and section.
  5. If a section is to be shared between more issues and/or titles, it must be possible to derive the set of issues and/or titles from the naming of the files
  6. All pages of the same issue or section must have the same physical dimensions.
  7. If an issue is incomplete, i.e. pages are missing, a blank page will be inserted where it is apparent from the file naming, e.g. page 1,2,3, -, 5 (a blank page will be inserted on page 4). The blank page can be replaced with an alternative dummy-page provided by the Customer.
  8. Visiolink needs info on max number of pages imported for given date ranges. See format below.


From date

To date

Numbers of pages
























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