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2023-01-23 09:01:05 UTC

With the introduction of the News Modules platform on Android, all basic concepts, navigation, and functionality have been replicated from the iOS News Modules platform. The design, however, has been upgraded where we have experienced a potential for improvement. We have gathered and answered the most frequently asked questions about this and everything you need to know about the Android upgrade.


Q: What improvements can we expect with this upgrade compared to the existing Android platform?

A: Especially three areas of the app have changed:

  1. Top-level navigation

The existing Android platform is controlled by the navigation drawer (burger menu) and a top menu which is controlled by time instead of content. These combined often limit flexibility, especially when trying to arrange content in the same way as on iOS.

Introducing the same top-level navigation as on iOS, meaning content tabs in the top and a tab bar at the bottom, secures a more open and flexible content arrangement for you and a better discoverability for the reader.

  1. Full size modules

Especially on the tablet, the two columns on the existing Android platform provide a design quite different from the News Modules, making the content less noticeable. With the full module design, the News Modules platform provides room for more content and, and the scrolling modules invites the reader to discover all your content.

  1. Feature and conceptual parity

We have added the features which are not represented on the current Android platform, and we have made room for the same features as on iOS on the front screen of the app. With parity both feature-wise and conceptually your marketing and support effort towards your subscribers will be a lot easier.


Q: Where does the design of the Android News Modules differ from iOS News Modules

A: Especially the front screen of the app has experienced a great design makeover. Some of the secondary views have only been upgraded to a smaller degree, meaning they have kept the characteristics of the current Android app. This applies e.g. to the My downloads-view and the settings menu. The replica view (reading the ePaper) is unchanged, as we want to hang on to the core experience that is highly valued by the users.

Some of the modules on the front screen of the app have another appearance than they do on iOS. The article teaser module has the most eye-catching differences, bringing pictures and article content more to its right by making them bigger. The live news module and the video module have been upgraded, and the podcast module will present podcast episodes more like you would expect to see them in a dedicated podcast app.  

An in-depth guide of the Android News Modules platform with visual examples is under construction.  


Q: What is the upgrade process like?

A: We’ll make a mock-up of how your new Android News Modules app will look like based on the features and modules it contains on the iOS. This mock-up will be the basis for discussing the upgrade. After agreeing on design, we’ll upgrade and submit the app.  

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