iOS 15, Android 12 and supported OS versions

2024-05-15 08:22:43 UTC

New OS versions

We have tested the latest builds of iOS 15 and Android 12 and not found any issues that will cause problems or need for update of our apps. We can't guarantee that there won't be any issues as we have many different apps, many with custom code, and the final build isn't released yet, but we will keep testing and keep you informed if anything comes up.


Supported OS versions

We will no longer support the following OS versions: iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11 and Android 4.4.

This means that the minimum supported versions will be iOS 12 and Android 5. 

The reason behind this is that many of the 3rd party systems that we use (ie Firebase) no longer support these older OS versions, which means we can't update. 

Visiolink will no longer test and fix bugs on an outdated OS.

This takes effect from iOS 3.21.03 and Android 2.21.03. 

How will this affect users on outdated versions?

All new updates of the app will not take effect on outdated OS versions. However users on OS versions that are no longer supported will still be able to download and use the app as always, but only up to iOS 3.21.03 and Android 2.21.03. Any further updates beyond that will not show up.

Example: A user with an iPad 2 on iOS 9 is using a Visiolink app. The app gets an update in 2022 with fancy new features and bug fixes, but the user will not be offered the update. He will however still be able to use his app and read the publications released every day as usual. 

How many users are on outdated versions?

On iOS the separation in different OS versions looks like this:

iOS version Users in %
15 0.08%
14 86.2%
13 1.7%
12 9.1%
11 0.1%
10 1.0%
9 1.0%

On Android the separation in different OS versions looks like this:

Android version Users in %
12 0.00%
11 39%
10 22%
9 12%
8 14%
7 7%
6 3%
5 2%
4 1%


Contact Visiolink customer support if you have any questions. 


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