App Switch, incl. credentials

2023-05-12 07:56:55 UTC

App switch is a feature which can link between a Visiolink app and a different app. This can be implemented either as a module and/or as a button at the bottom bar. This will only support a simple link from the Visiolink app to a different app. If the other app is installed it will open – if it’s not installed the App Store / Play Store will open. 

  1. For this to work correctly we will need the following from the customer:
    App Store + Play Store links
  2. URL scheme for the other app (iOS)
  3. BundleID for the other app (Android)
  4. Graphic for module (only if they have app switch as a module and only if agreed that customer delivers graphic - alternatively Product Management makes one).

iOS only:
If the other app should App Switch to the Visiolink app, the other app will have to whitelist the Visiolink app's URL scheme.

More info here.


Module graphic sizes

Recommended resolutions:

Phone: 1053 × 213

Tablet: 2136 × 213


Some customers want to keep the user logged in when switching between apps and therefore sharing credentials. This is not supported as standard in Visiolink solutions but can be implemented as a custom feature

Right now, we have 3 different ways to do it.

1) App groups (NB. iOS only)
In iOS there is a feature called app groups, which will allow sharing of credentials between apps in a secure way.
The limitations of app groups are that it’s limited to iOS and the apps need to be created on the same developer account.

2) Credentials in URL
This is an easy and simple way to share credentials and should be easy for all customers to work with, but it’s quite unsafe as the credentials will be exposed and easily accessible. There is a security risk involved here.

3) Credentials in URL as a token
This is a safer way to share credentials through the URL as the credentials are encrypted, but it’s also more difficult to handle and not all customers will be able to implement this successfully on their end. This will require some back and forth between developers in Visiolink and developers at the other app. 

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