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2022-04-01 09:13:02 UTC


This article is not relevant anymore. The conditions have been changed and this feature can no longer exist in its described form. See this update



In september 2021 Apple released a statement about an update that will come to the App Store that allows developers of "reader" apps to include a single in-app link to their website for users to setup or mange an account. 

Link to statement: https://www.apple.com/newsroom/2021/09/japan-fair-trade-commission-closes-app-store-investigation/

At the time of writing this article (Jan 2021), it's not yet allowed and we don't have any further updates. However Visiolink have already implemented support for this on the login screen and/or on the in-app buy screen. It will be available on Android and iOS.

We have yet to get confirmation from Apple wether "a single link" means A) 1 link but allowed to show it several positions, B) 1 link position that can vary depending on your region, or C) only 1 link total. 

The external buy button is thats shown below the "forgot password" button and will look like this (login screen):


  • This can be shown on login screen and/or in-app buy screen (but unsure if both is allowed by Apple) 
  • The publication shown is automatically generated image of the selected publication and cant be adjusted 
  • Text can be customized, but length is limited to within the box
  • The "click here" color is the apps main color
  • The link can vary depending on region (but unsure if this is allowed by Apple)

Your own solution

If you want something different then we also support a webview as an alternative. In this case you will create the webview and give us the URL to implement. You will have complete control of what's shown and can change it whenever you want (e.g. for campaigns). 

This is required if you want different links per regions (but Apple need to allow it).


Below is an image of the feature on our buy screen. It will appear above the buy options, however no buy options exist in our test app where this screenshot is taken.


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