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2022-08-25 07:19:11 UTC

The Data Security section of Google Play helps users easily understand what user data your app collects or shares and shows your app's most important privacy and security procedures. This information helps users make more informed choices. The Data Safety is similar to the ATT as we know at Appstore connect.


First step: Make sure you have added a privacy policy. This is required to complete the data security form and have your data security information displayed to users. If the privacy policy is not listed in the app content, a URL must be inserted under "Privacy policy".

Go to ‘App content’ in the side menu and submit - privacy policy content


Second step:
Start to setup the Data Safety formular and provide information to Google on how the app(s) collects and shares the data.



  1. Data collection and securityPlease click following: (default for all Visiolink apps)


  2. Please select following data types:


  3. Data usage and handling for each of the data types. Find the arrow on the right and start the process for each data type:

    Crash logs:


    Other app performance data: (OBS. If app have DFP please select ‘Advertising or marketing’)


    Page views and taps: (OBS. If app have DFP please select ‘Advertising or marketing’)


    In-app search history: (OBS. If app have DFP please select ‘Advertising or marketing’)



    Device or other identifiers: (OBS. If app have DFP please select ‘Advertising or marketing’)


    App overview (without DFP):


    Overview of apps and progress: android apps oversigt.xlsx






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