Source tracking (expansion)

2022-10-13 09:32:30 UTC

Source tracking has originally been included as a parameter for our Article and Podcast event. This means that you can see from where in the App a user has opened/activated an article or podcast from. The Source parameter for the Article event can take the following categories: Frontpage (module), PDF, Article List, Article View, Bookmark, Other​. And for the Podcast event Source can take the following categories:  Frontpage (module), Podcast, My Audio, Other.


Source tracking has now been extended to also include the Publication and Audio articles events.
By including the source parameter in the Publication event, it will be possible to see where the user has opened a publication from in the App. This data will help give information about how users are navigating your app, as it gives insights about how many users have opened a given publication from the different sources in the app such as: Archive, Newest Issue, Section, Magazine, Supplement, Article Teaser (module), Archive Teaser (module), Publication Teaser, Mobile Edition, Deeplink, Other. 

The Source parameter has also been expanded to include an Audio article event. The Source parameter on Audio will include if a user has played an article from: Frontpage, Article View, My Audio or Other.

Together with Module tracking, the Source tracking will help you to identify where in the app, the user’s accesses and opens content from, and thereby information of which features, they use in your app. You can read more about the Module tracking here.


Table: Source expansion data structure in Google Analytics.

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