Page tracking (expansion)

2022-04-21 12:03:18 UTC

Page tracking (expansion of current page event):

The Page event currently includes information about how many users have visited a specific page and specifies the page number.  With the recent expansion of the Page event, it now also includes a duration parameter, which makes it possible to get a time estimate of how much time a user has spent on a page.

Thus, the page duration parameter also makes it possible to identify, how much time a user spends in a specific publication and on each page of the publication. Furthermore, the duration parameter is also able to provide a time estimate for publications, where xml is not included and on ads that are not clickable.

The page duration parameter is specified in seconds e.g., duration “63” seconds, which is shown for each page or for all pageviews in a publication.

Technical specifications

 To avoid unwanted event triggers, a 2 seconds delay has been implemented for the duration parameter.

The duration parameter has the following constraints:

  • Reports active time spent on a page
  • Stops if the screen goes dark
  • Timer stops automatically after 10 minutes which is the upper limit
  • If a user leaves and returns to the same article the timer resets back to 0
  • If a user triggers an article the page timer will stop

The page duration parameter ends when a user does one of the following things:

  • Swipe to a new page
  • Closes the app or browser
  • Clicks, zoom, pan, etc., on an article
  • Leaves the publication
  • Has been inactive for more than 10 minutes


Table: Page expansion data structure in Google Analytics.

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