Article View 2.0

2022-05-19 08:35:15 UTC

Article View is the reading mode where users reads content in a different way than Spread View (Print layout).

It can be accessed directly from the app frontpage through modules, or it can be accessed by clicking the articles in Spread View (Print layout). 

While the Spread View layout is brilliantly designed for the physical paper, it's a less ideal design for the mobile and tablet screens and have a lot of limitations, especially regarding navigation, adaptability and different types of content. Here, in contrast Article view has it's advantages. 

How it works: templates

You will likely have any number of layout templates for your articles, depending on content, length of article, placement, etc.

Our Article View also uses templates, but you only need to pick one template as it automatically adjusts itself to the content in the article. This means that the same template is used for all articles, regardless of their content, so if for instance the article has no image, the "image area" of the template  will automatically collapse. Same with audio, fact box, etc. 

What is defined in the template is the font, the font size ratio (difference between headline and paragraph text), placement of elements (if they exist) and some will have a box background color on headline. 

Colors will follow the app colors

Regarding the Text.To.Speech feature we find third party  solutions far better than device solutions and  therefore we don't support device Text-to-Speech. 

Regarding the Text to Speech feature we find third party solutions such as Google Cloud or Amazon Polly far better than the device solutions.

Therefore, device Text to Speech is not supported in the Article View 2.0

What you need to do

On behalf customer feedback and several years of experience we have worked out 6 article templates that suits mosts needs. 

Select one of the 6 templates below that suits your need.

In case you don't find any of the 6 templates fulfill your expectations we recommend to contact your Visiolink Key Account Manager. Please we aware that if you chose to design your own customized template this would be more costly.


Here is an article that describes options: Article view - custom template

Either way this requires a resubmit on at least version 3.22.02 (Android/iOS). 


Template 1

  • Article image in the top 
  • Smaller article headline left-aligned with a sans-serif font
  • Manchet underneath with a serif font




Template 2

  • Metadata and headline are encapsulated by a brand colored box 
  • Medium-sized headline in a serif font
  • Manchet underneath
  • Article image below manchet


Template 3

  • Article image in the top
  • Medium-sized headline font in a serif font and left-aligned
  • Manchet underneath in a medium-sized sans-serif font


Template 4

  • Headline and manchet encapsulated by brand-colored box
  • Big headline in a serif font, center-aligned
  • Big manchet in a serif font, center-aligned
  • Article image underneath



Template 5

  • Big headline in a serif-font, left-aligned
  • Article image underneath the headline
  • Big manchet underneath in a serif font

Template5_Less_Noise.pngTemplate 6

  • Article image in the top
  • Big headline in a serif-font, center-aligned
  • Big manchet in a serif-font, center-aligned


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