Brief description of Visiolink's processing

2023-11-15 10:29:25 UTC


When Visiolink processes your PDF files, we don’t simply display the pdf file in the e-paper. Mainly because PDF files are often big and are a complex format that can take a long time to load, which would make the e-paper rather slow and unresponsive, especially on a slow network.

So we do this: we detect the various elements of the PDF files and transfer them into something that works well in an e-paper. Text that is defined as text in the PDF file will be rendered as vector elements as this will not get blurry when zooming and therefore ensures excellent readability.

For images and all other elements, e.g. backgrounds and lines in graphs and tables, we use JPEG and WEBP and the images can get blurry when zooming. This is somewhat intentional since it enables a smooth and quick load of the e-paper, of course depending on your network.

In short: what might look as a simple 1:1 of the files delivered to us is a processing and rendering process that we have worked on for years and continue to work on.

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