Release Notes for Android News Modules

2023-03-17 13:29:57 UTC

Patches after 3.22.05

  1. GDPR button color are now all the same
  2. Fixes not preserving top tabs
  3. Fixed being able to slide up/down in supplements module
  4. Fixed tabbar title not centered on phone in the loginbuy when there is only one tabbar
  5. Fixed crash when opening things from webview in an external browser

  6. Fixed not opening paper directly after login/buy, if you accessed login/buy through a publication opening

  7. Fixed crash when switching to landscape mode on Android 7
  8. GDPR3 help text updates
  9. Change universal links info text to simpler version

  10. Updated GDPR3 help text German translation
  11. Added option for custom userData parameter for RSS parser
  12. Fixed blank pages in page view
  13. Fixed HTML tags not handled in GDPR2

  14. Now shows articles with and without images in same module (articles with images first). Also fixed case where narrated articles were missing play icon.

  15. Inactive slider dots on onboarding screen now use a new inactive background color

  16. Fixed sorting of articles in article module

  17. Fixed page blinking without ads content
  18. Fixed date format not aligned in ArticleView2
  19. Fixed some articles in article module missing Text-To-Speech
  20. Added setting to enable/disable wifi warning and setting to ask before down on mobile network


Release: Android 3.22.05

Release date: December 2022

A maintenance release, with support for Android 13

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash when support button is clicked on Android 13
  • Fixed wrong date for Google TTS in player
  • Fixed not able to swipe on top bar


Patches after 3.22.04

  1. Made module height configurable
  2. Fixed sections module crash when provisional is full
  3. Fixed character limit on publication title
  4. Fixed podcast “show all” not navigating to podcast tab
  5. Changed tracking parameters so double naming start with big letters
  6. Updated Greenlandic translations
  7. Fixed splash background color setting
  8. Fixed offline caching
  9. TTS play opens exoplayer instead of pausing it if no narrated article is playing
  10. Fixed opening wrong article from spread in landscape 
  11. Add help screen for Greenlandic language
  12. Optimize network error message
  13. Fixed deeplinks from inside app reopening the app
  14. Fixed publication module leftMargin not handled correctly
  15. Fixed TTS audio source being set wrong
  16. Minimum grace period of RSS content have been set to high
  17. Added link to Google Subscription Center as is required
  18. Fixed skip button in onboard screen sometimes get cut off
  19. Fixed missing region picker in ANM
  20. Fixed podcast stop playing when screen is turned off on Android 8


Release: Android 3.22.04

A release focused on maintenance

Release date: September 2022


  • Migrated API from level 30 to level 31 (requirement for all app updates starting from November 2022)
  • Added option for a "support button" in the bottom bar. This will create an email to a specific receiver with necessary app information prefilled
  • Added section name in tracking
  • Changed importance of push notifications so they now show on locked screen
  • Added support for new language - Greenlandic

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed podcast icon not being square on front page
  • Fixed possible error in RSS download
  • Fixed title missing from live feed
  • Fixed crash if you open link internally in live feed



Release: Android 3.22.03

A release focused on tracking improvements

Release date: June 2022

New Features


  • ‘Article View’ included as a source parameter for the Article event
  • Duration improvements for Podcast event -
  • Duration improvement for Article event -Timer stops after 120 sec if screen is not touched
  • TTS and Narrated event have been combined to one new event called Audio Articles
  • Added ‘My audio’ to the Source parameter for Podcast and Audio article events
  • Changed naming for the Podcast source parameter from ‘Audio Universe’ to ‘Podcast’
  • Default value changed from ‘NA’ to ‘Other’ on Source parameter for the Podcast event
  • Added automatic screenshots for Android News Modules to be used in test phase (only for standard apps so far)
  • Adjusted tab bar styling to be consistent with tab bar indicator
  • Changed back button behavior. Previously it would exit the app from anywhere. Now it will return user to the frontpage of the app or exit the app if user is already on the front page
  • Added option in deeplink to open tab in bottom bar or tab in top bar directly through deeplink. Updated guide to reflect this
  • Added support for blurring background, same as on iOS

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Interstitial name that reported N/A
  • Fixed Article character count that reported no_character_count on TTS
  • Fixed custom dimension Orientation for search and publication event that reported N/A
  • Fixed library thumbnails not updating correctly
  • Fixed scroll in article teaser not maintaining position when returning to it
  • Removed HTML tags from author field in tracking
  • Fixed not being able to change date format in publication tabs
  • Fixed problem with autodelete not working consistently
  • Fixed custom targeting not working for DFP module


Release: Android 3.22.02

Release date: May 2022

New Features

  • New Article View


Release: Android 3.22.01

Release date: 7. April

New Features


  • Aligned options to show/hide dates with iOS
  • Added titles to items so they can be read out loud by accessibility software
  • Added folder to deeplink path to be able to hit a specific folder if more are available
  • Added option to use deeplink in DFP
  • Now hides the section tab bar on publications with only 1 section
  • Added option to set a limit on article teaser module
  • Added better crash detection
  • Improved "back" button use: Pressing "back" on the first tab will exit the app - pressing "back" on any other tab will move you to the first tab
  • Improved "back" button use: Pressing "back" in article view opened through bookmarks will now return you to the bookmark list

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash caused by Smart Ads on Android 11 and up
  • Fixed modules only being partially hidden when they should be be completely hidden
  • Fixed help text not being visible in search screen for small devices
  • Fixed problem with podcast queue not showing all content
  • Fixed article list having empty cards in some cases
  • Fixed some missing translations
  • Fixed crash related to subscription/voucher field
  • Fixed long podcast description overlapping icons
  • Fixed wrong password message overlapping icons
  • Fixed login/buy screen top bar not being centered
  • Fixed the word "page" missing several places
  • Fixed FAB button not being shown on tablet when playlist is open
  • Fixed app returning to first tab when rotated on tablet
  • Fixed user not being able to scroll up/down on GDPR screen
  • Fixed back button missing in image gallery
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