Release Notes for Desktop Web App 2

2023-06-23 12:21:34 UTC

We are doing rolling releases on this platform, which means that each change will be released and available as soon as it's finished and tested and we will update this page end of each week that contains any changes.

New options will never show up in your app unless you actively contact Visiolink and request them.

New improvements and fixes will affect your app next time it's rebuild. 

We will rebuild apps whenever there are changes to them (usually as part of a project) and do bulk updates in set intervals every 3 months. The bulk updates will happen the first week of March, June, September, December. 

The full list of available customization options can be found here.

Week 25 - 2023

New options added 

  • Added setting to always show region picker
  • Added setting to region picker to always open in selected view (ie. Archive)
  • Added option for Pulse tracking
  • Region picker cover half size


New improvements and fixes

  • Improved scrollbar in region-menu when lots of items

  • Historical editions now shows time since release instead of release date

  • Fixed publication title being empty in tracking sometimes

  • Fixed region picker showing even though there is only 1 region

Week 23 - 2023

New improvements and fixes

  • Fixed links in Article View – now always converts http to https and opens links in new tab
  • Fixed empty cards in article list
  • Fixed problem with email sharing
  • Fixed logout button disappearing in some cases
  • Updated logos and font sizes in menus

Week 15 - 2023

New options added 

  • Added new option under token validation: back button on token error
  • Added support for LinkPulse tracking
  • Added support for Comscore NMO tracking
  • Added support for Weekli module
  • Added option to hide region titles on region picker

New improvements and fixes

  • Fixed logout not working correctly
  • Removed tracking from Google Ads (not relevant as tracking data already exist in Google Ads)


Week 12 - 2023

New options added 

  • Added new option under token validation: Back button on token error

New improvements and fixes

  • Fixed logout not working correctly


Week 11 - 2023

New options added 

  • Added setting to display a popup warning before downloading a PDF
  • Added a “cut and save” feature to download part of the page as PDF


New improvements and fixes

  • Added “Read Mode”, an improved way to read on a large screen. Click the Read Mode button, doubleclick with mouse or click “space” to activate/deactivate it. Navigate with keyboard arrows. This mode is only available on large screens, so not on phones or small tablets.


  • Added new bottom bar with improved functionality


  • Bottom bar now always shows when zoomed out and hides when zoomed in
  • Fixed several bugs in search
  • Fixed a bug related to interstitials set with a frequency
  • Fixed canvas not always drawing on iOS
  • Fixed iOS canvas sometimes failing and remaining blank
  • Fixed browser back button not working on region picker
  • Fixed clicking on the blurred area when menu is open not closing the menu as expected
  • When going to an interstitial, the page number will now be blank instead of showing wrong number
  • Fixed back button not working from interstitials

Week 9 - 2023

New options added 

  • Added option to choose the order in archive module between ascending and descending.
  • Added support for WhatsApp sharing.

New improvements and fixes

  • Fixed bug in archive module where dates had wrong format which resulted in wrong publications shown.

Week 8 - 2023

New options added 

  • Added option to customize the description written in Google – Note that we won’t have any control over what Google writes, but we can add text to the correct place in the code

  • Added option for alternative date language to use if date format should be different than the choosen language

New improvements and fixes

  • Fixed datepicker not getting any dates if no visible regions

  • Fixed back button from publication view if no visible regions

  • Fixed date sometimes being in English before switching to correct language

  • No longer teases the menu on phones

  • Fixed horizontal slider in previous editions

Week 7 - 2023

New options added 

  • Added language override for "loading"

New improvements and fixes

  • In article module with audio, only the play icon will start audio now – any other click on the article card will open the article
  • Fixed audio playlist not responding to clicks
  • Fixed audio duration sometimes being NaN – now it’s 00:00 until audio is loaded

Week 6 - 2023

New improvements and fixes

  • Fixed email sharing. Was trying to use a text field that we've previously removed.
  • Fixed archive module not rendering again if scrolling to more content.

Week 5 - 2023

New improvements and fixes

  • Better touch handling when opening articles in spread
  • Improved error handling of token validation

Week 4 - 2023

New options added 

  • Added option to adjust the text and position of “Start” button in region menu
  • Added option to specify dividers placement in region menu
  • Added option to change loading icon to a different image, when opening a publication
  • Added option to change name on all menu items
  • Voucher feature implemented 

New improvements and fixes

  • Now automatically updates region names to current folder names
  • Removed border on GDPR button first time it’s shown
  • Fixed loading dialog getting stuck
  • Improved token error validation dialog

Week 2 - 2023

New options added 

  • Added option for links to stay in same tab
  • Added option to change archive limit
  • Added more color options
  • Added option for another cookie parameter
  • Added option to hide publication date in article overview
  • Added option to force single page view
  • Added option to change icons in menu

New improvements and fixes

  • Fixed Merged titles previous editions only shows current publications history
  • Fixed left side menu disappearing when clicking cancel in validation
  • Fixed GDPR tool in the Hub not working
  • Adjusted page swipe for touch
  • Changed GDPR button color so all buttons are now brand color
  • Now updates date filter when scrolling in archive
  • Use the correct title name when display on iPad
  • Improved performance on archive scroll for iPad
  • Performance improvements to switching pages and zoom on iPad
  • Fixed some missing translations
  • Removed article category if only one exists
  • Fixed merged titles in archive
  • Made visual improvements to archive
  • Added year and month headlines to archive
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