Desktop Web App 2 - Tracking with GA4

2023-02-28 08:09:53 UTC


As standard on DWA2 we have implemented Google Analytics 4 tracking (GA4). Therefore, if you don’t have a GA4 property, you will need to create one to get tracking on your DWA2. You can follow our GA4 set-up guide here.

If you have been used to GA3 tracking on your old web app, then we have made a few tracking changes on our DWA2. We have defined 11 standard events that we have implemented on our DWA2 and is send to GA4:

  • vl_event_publication
  • vl_event_page
  • vl_event_article_end
  • vl_event_audio_end
  • vl_event_search
  • vl_event_hotspot_click
  • vl_event_hotspot_impression
  • vl_event_interstital_click
  • vl_event_interstital_impression
  • vl_event_login
  • vl_event_download

Add on:

  • vl_event_module_interaction

Besides the 11 standard events we have added the possibility to add module tracking on your DWA2. You can read more about module tracking here.

Most of the standard events are the same as we had implemented in GA3, but two events are different. This is the Login event and Download event. However, as you might have spotted then the event naming is a bit different from GA3. You can read more about the data transition from GA3 to GA4 and what custom parameters you need to setup in GA4 to get the full data overview here.  

Tracking changes DWA2:

The login event is a new standard event that triggers every time a user logs in and sends the authentication method with the trigger. Meaning, how did the user get access to the publication (subscription or voucher).

The download event has been modified, so it only triggers if a user downloads a publication as a PDF. Therefore, the download will no longer trigger the first time a user opens a publication. 

Further, we have added a few new tracking parameters that makes DWA2 tracking identical with the tracking in Visiolinks apps. Here we have added our new duration parameter on the Page event and the new source parameter on the Publication events. You can read more about these new tracking parameters here.


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